Avantree Adapter Type-C Wireless Bluetooth (BTDG-C51) with Audio Transmitter, No Lip Sync Delay, Passthrough charging, Bluetooth enable

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Bluetooth enable

Our Bluetooth audio transmitter specially designed for use with the Nintendo Switch as well as providing a perfect solution to enable Non-Bluetooth PC/Other Devices to use bluetooth headphones and speakers. Get wireless freedom and never be bound again!

No Lip Sync Delay

Supports the aptX low latency and FastStream codec to virtually eliminate audio-visual lag making the C51 an ideal choice for playing games. For best results, use with aptX low latency or FastStream codec supporting headphones, like the Avantree Audiotion Pro, ANC031, ANC032, HS063, etc.

Passthrough charging

The battery-free C51 receives power directly from your Nintendo Switch. Only drawing minimal power from your Switch, it is safe from being Bricked. Simultaneously charge your Nintendo Switch thru the C51 while in use for unlimited power.

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