KLEVV Gaming Desktop Ram 1x8GB DDR4 PC3600, Adhering to KLEVV’s low-profile yet powerful BOLT series (KD48GU880-36A180T)

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Fast like A Bolt

Applying strictly-selected memory chips made with advanced semiconductor technology,strictest screening procedure to deliver enhanced performance,the new BOLT X makes your system run FAST AS A BOLT!

Pure aluminum heatsink with designed pattern

In pursuit of minimalism and simplicity, the brand-new BOLT X memory is extremely slim and lightweight.What’s more, by applying specially-designed heat spreader made with 99.5% pure aluminum,

BOLT X is extraordinary in heat conductivity and durability.

Support Intel XMP 2.0 for One-Click OverclockingFocusing on ecosystem compatibility,BOLT X has been tested with the latest Intel chipset/platform.With its XMP 2.0-ready feature, BOLT X is also perfect for gamers to experiencethe amazing speed by one-click overclocking!

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