Monster iSport Spirit Magnetic Necklace Wireless Bluetooth Earphone with Mic

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- 8+ Hour battery playtime- Two Sound Profiles with "Normal" and "Turbo"- Comfortable , SecureFit wont fall out of ears- Durable and Splash Proof- Magnentic Earbuds "Necklace" when not in use- Tangle Resistant CablesDirections for use:
Power OnStays blue 1 secodPower On
Power OffRed FlashPower Off
Standby (connected)Blink Blue once every 5 seconds/
PairingFlashes Red and Blue alternativelyReady to pair
Incoming CallFlases Blue continuos/
ChargingStays on blue while charging/

Power ON / Power OFF

Press the Multifunction button for about 1 second to power on the headphone. To power off the headphone , press the Multifunction button for about 3 seconds.

Volume Control

Press the Volume "+" or "-" to turn the volume up or down, you will hear ''Du Du" once you reach the maximum volume or minimum volume .


  1. In Power OFF mode, press and hold the Multifunction button for about 4 seconds untill indicator light flashes blue and red alternately, you will hear "Power ON" ..... "Ready to pair". Now the headphone is in pairing mode
  2. Active Bluetooth on your phone and set it to search for new devices


End Current Call and Answer New Call: When a new call rings during a call, press the Multifunction button once to answer new call and end current call simultaneously.


Play / Pause Music: Press Multifunction button once to play / pause music. (Some phones may require you to start a media player first)

Track Back / Forward: Press the Volume "-" for 1 second once to skip track backward, press Volume "+" for 1 second to skip track forward.

Switch Music and Call: When a call rings during a music playing, the music automatically pauses to allow you to answer or ignore the call . Once the call is ignored or ends, the music is resumed.

Sound Profiles: Short press "+" and "-" simultaneously to swtich the sound profile during music playing. One "beep" switches to normal mode and two "beep" switches to turbo mode.

Voice Activation

Double press the Multifunction button to activate voice activation.


Only use computer USB output or standard 5 volt only (500mA mininum) power adaptor for charging. Damage may occur if non-standard USB power adaptor is used for charging. Dont charge if connector and/or device is wet or damaged

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